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Josh Groban new album ‘Harmony’ out now

‘Harmony’ is a collection of timeless songs along with two originals

The global superstar Josh Groban today releases his new album ‘Harmony’ via Reprise Records‘Harmony’ adds a new chapter to the career of the multi-PlatinumGrammynominated singer, songwriter and actor. He has already achieved three #1 albums in the States plus three consecutive Top 10 albums in in the UK, including the chart-topping ‘Stages’.

‘Harmony’ is a collection of timeless songs along with two originals (including the new single ‘Your Face’), showcasing the artist’s unparalleled vocal prowess. Highlights include ‘The Impossible Dream’, ‘Angels’, ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’, ‘Celebrate Me Home’, ‘She’ and many more.

The album also includes duets with the Tony Award winner Leslie Odom Jr. (‘Hamilton’) on ‘Shape Of My Heart’  and the Grammy Award winner Sara Bareilles on the classic Joni Mitchell song ‘Both Sides Now’. Another Grammy Award winner, Kirk Franklin, brings his unique blend of energy, gospel, and choir to a brand new original song ‘The Fullest’.

Josh tells the story behind the making of ‘Harmony’:

“‘Harmony’ was recorded in two parts. Before the pandemic we recorded about five songs, with the full intention of making this an album of classics that I love and have always wanted to sing. Beautiful in its simplicity of scope. We were recording and finding songs between concerts and fully expected to continue doing that for the next couple of months.

Then, sound was replaced with solitude. To have nothing but space, and to be sharing in a collective global tragedy, changed everything. Suddenly I was not steering the ship confidently on course. The waves had to take me to, hopefully, some sunlight. The result is an album that began to take a new shape.

When I was finally able to really sing again, to interpret, to immerse myself in these timeless melodies and stories, it became my saving grace and not just a pleasure. Musicians and producers from all over the country and the world blended together from their respective studios and homes. The title of the album represents the seemingly miraculous full picture of those efforts becoming clear.

Harmony’  also has two original songs that I was not expecting to write. These songs were written and mostly recorded in the corner of my bedroom during lockdown and while they may not fit a style continuity of the project I originally had in mind, they fit what has been in my heart this very moment and are bursting with my hope for the future. It is with such immense gratitude that I get to release ‘Harmony’ to you now. I hope that every ounce of the love and healing I experienced recording it finds its way to you too.”

Josh Groban will play a livestream concert in celebration of the release of ‘Harmony’ on November 26th, starting  at 1pm PST / 4pm EST / 9pm GMT / 8am AEDT. The stream will also be available to screen immediately after the show for the rest of the weekend. Tickets are available here, and you can watch the trailer for the concert here. He will also play his first ever festive concert on December 19th. It will air at 1pm PST / 4pm EST / 9pm GMT / 8am AEDT and will be available to stream for 48 hours after the show begins. Tickets are available here.