Josh Lambert has released his new track, “On and On,” an alternative rock-influenced track that expresses the struggle of heartbreak and the hopefulness in recovery.  Lambert combines his authentic lyrics and melancholic tone with an upbeat and catchy rhythm, making this track very engaging and relatable to the listener. The track is produced by Fantom with an easy and mellow beach town inspired guitar and steady upbeat bass and drum.  “On and On” is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.

Bay Area native Josh Lambert explores his alternative rock side of music with this new track that deviates from his hip-hop and trap-influenced single, “Saturday Girl.” The new single, “On and On” also takes some inspiration from the “emo-rap” genre; it’s almost anti-genre — hard to label and impossible not to like. “I never want to be limited by genre. ‘On and On’ is my first single of 2020 in the alternative realm and it feels more authentic. I will continue to make different genres of music, but the style of this one feels right,” Lambert explains.

Lambert is not letting genres limit him and has hit his stride with this alternative track.  His shift into the alternative realm has exhibited his diversity in tone and lyrics. He reflects on the trial and tribulations of love and heartbreak while providing a hopeful silver lining to his audience. “On and On” is a personal reflection of heartbreak and learning how to overcome it. When vices and manipulation negatively affect a relationship, it is important to move past them and not let them get to you,” and “to not let the little things in life get to you. Sometimes when negative events occur, people let it eat at them and it kills their confidence.

I learned to not let anything affect me in the long run and to keep my head high,” Lambert explains.  “On and On” blends Lambert’s raw and optimistic lyrics of heartbreak and recovery that his audience can relate to, with a mellow and upbeat rhythm that’ll make you bob your head to the beat.

“On and On” is a genre-bending, head bumping and heartfelt track from the rising musician. You can listen to it on digital streaming platforms worldwide. To keep up with Josh Lambert’s journey to the top,

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