Joshua Bassett made his Warner Records debut in April with ‘Common Sense’, which hit 5 million streams within a month. He now unveils the brand new song ‘Anyone Else’. Not only did Joshua write the song, he also played guitar, bass, cajón and drums on the track. He also makes directorial debut with the track’s official video.

With ‘Anyone Else’, the rising singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and star of the breakthrough Disney+ original series ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ showcases yet another side of his dynamic style. Delicate acoustic guitar gives way to glistening piano as his impressive vocals take hold before it culminates with the hypnotic hook, “I promise if you would, I’d love you better than he ever could.” ‘Anyone Else’ illuminates Joshua’s vocal and instrumental range, and hints at even bigger things on the horizon.

Joshua explains, “‘Anyone Else’ came about after the sudden realisation that I was hopelessly falling in love with a close friend… who was in a relationship with someone else. ‘How am I supposed to think about anything else?’ was the first lyric I wrote and then kinda back-pocketed the idea. After weeks of denial, in hopes that I’d move on and/or my feelings would subside, I had to finish the song and face the reality, ‘I am done pretending I want anyone else.’”

Joshua is now putting the finishing touches to his debut EP, which is due out this year.

Joshua Bassett may sing, write, act and play multiple instruments, but he humbly identifies himself as “just a kid from San Diego who loves music. Long before starring in ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’, generating millions of streams, and earning widespread acclaim, he grew up surrounded by music in the suburb of Oceanside in California. Described by many as an old soul, he played drums in church, taught himself ukulele, guitar and piano, and wrote his first song for his homecoming date at the age of 15. He was also able to strengthen his voice as a singer and actor in local theatre productions.

After various television parts on ‘Dirty John’‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and more, he landed the lead role of Ricky in ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ which premiered in November 2019. E! News described his debut solo single ‘Common Sense’ as “a home run on his very first at bat.

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