JUJ, Philadelphia raised, LA based artist, steps into 2020 in wonderful fashion with new left-pop song I Still Cry At Parties. A stunning offering showcasing JUJ’s dreamy vocals atop immersive beats, the relatable track serves as a statement of intent from an artist set for a big few months. Speaking on the release, JUJ states:

I wrote “I still cry at parties” two weeks before I turned 20 in February. I had been feeling like many do in their late teens &  early twenties, very lost. I felt like I was going through so many life changes and I didn’t really know myself and that scared me. I would occasionally go to parties and venture out as an escape to how I was feeling, but I’d always end up leaving more sad. The more I’d try to forget, the more I was reminded. I was nervous feeling like I didn’t have it all figured out, but eventually  I came to terms with being ok with still having a lot to learn about myself & not having it figured out & that’s finally when I felt ok.

Making music for her restless generation, JUJ sings to kids from the projects to the burbs who feel trapped in their city and long to change to their world. This year will see JUJ at her prolific best as she looks set roll out music consistently over the next few months. Be sure to keep a close eye on her.


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