American singer and songwriter Justin Jesso has today released his new single ‘Lose Ya’.

Justin Jesso is truly a multi-facetted artist, whose creative output isn’t just high in demand, but luckily also plentiful! Averaging at an incredible 5-6 self-penned songs a week, he writes enough musical masterpieces to cater to his own solo career, and additionally provide bangers to top notch artists like Ricky Martin, The Backstreet Boys, and world famous DJs Steve Aoki and Armin van Buren. His hit single, “Stargazing” with legendary artist Kygo, has garnered him hundreds of millions of streams, views, gold and platinum certifications in countries all across the world, and even a Grammy nomination! Following his latest single “Clarity”, which was released earlier this year and has already garnered over 1.5 million plays on Spotify in just a few months, he is now ready to introduce his newest track “Lose Ya”.

“Lose Ya” is a joyous and equally emotional love song with an anthemic refrain. It’s about not knowing whether a current relationship is going to last forever, but definitely knowing that the relationship is exactly what you want at this point in time, and absolutely not wanting to lose that person. It’s a snapshot in time and a proclamation of love, in which Jesso makes sure that his significant other knows that he wants them around. There’s no way to know what the future might hold, so acknowledging how you feel in the here and now is really as good as it gets.

“’Lose Ya, musically speaking, is one of the truest expression of who I am as an artist,” Justin Jesso exclaims enthusiastically and continues, “It really takes into account all of my influences: It’s Elton meets Bruno, meets Prince, Stevie, Lizzo, Chance, Billy Joel, Queen … but it’s all of those influences mixed into one. So that’s probably my favorite part about ‘Lose Ya’. It’s exactly the type of music I wanna make. It’s this classic, soulful, yet propulsive, modern sound, and that’s what I love most about it!”

When it comes to deciding which songs to give away, and which to release in his own name, Justin Jesso knows to trust his gut instinct:  “I write a lot of songs for different people, but there are certain songs that I write that are just mine. They just can’t go anywhere. They’re my songs and I love them too much, and I feel like I need to sing them, so I just keep them.”

“Lose Ya” clearly is one of those tracks that Justin Jesso simply can’t hand over to someone else, and he’s ecstatic to bring it to the stages all across Germany and other European destinations on his upcoming headlining tour in June. The track was produced by the Grammy nominated Warren “Oak” Felder and mixed by none other than Rob Kinelski, who’s known for working with major artists like Billie Eilish. “Lose Ya” is out now!

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