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Jyoti Verhoeff releases new album ‘The Sky Of You’,

Dark and dreamy neo-classical/electronic composer, songwriter and pianist Jyoti Verhoeff releases her new album ‘The Sky Of You’, out now

Dark and dreamy neo-classical singer-songwriter, composer and pianist Jyoti Verhoeff releases her new album, ‘The Sky Of You’, out now on all streaming platforms. The album includes several collaborations with artists from a diverse range of genres. The result is a cacophony of sounds shifting from Jyoti’s trademark of dark ambient folk to an unexpected neo-classic progressive rock vibe, underscored with cinematic style.

Having been born with a visual disability, she had to find ways beyond the traditional means of studying music to express her rich inner world through the piano and with her voice. She is an intuitive composer, using her highly sensitive hearing to incorporate thoughtful subtleties into her work.

The music of Jyoti Verhoeff is both intriguing and enchanting, almost cinematic in nature. With its many layers, endless amount of subtleties, and organic structures, her dark, dreamy sounds lure you into the deepest depths of your imagination. Each of the ten tracks on the new album show her inner reflections upon the current global situation. Poetically trying to find meaning, love, and shelter in the power of the deep pathways of nature that run through our bodies, while the world is rushing to follow the artificial intuition of technology.

The lead single from the album, entitled ‘Vision’ is inspired by the work of Dutch artist Gerard Boymans. After seeing his visual art for his project ‘Elements’, Jyoti felt as if she had seen a vision of the current world crisis playing out before her very eyes. She felt inspired to compose music to compliment these images.

Speaking of the track, Jyoti says, “Sadly, there are religious, political, cultural and personal conditionings and beliefs which are producing harm instead of pure love. For me personally, the music of ‘Vision’ combined with the images of ‘Elements’ symbolises a deep purification from the acts that are destroying our natural world in the name of power, progress and evolution.”

At the age of four, she discovered the expressionistic power of the grand piano whilst visiting the house of family friend and composer Simeon ten Holt. She started playing by herself at the age of eight.

The Sky of You features guests: The Wong Janice, Kalin Yordanov, Philip Xander Steenbergen, Erwin Tuijl, Fraukje Ramona Weishaupt, Henk Philhelmon Bol, Meidi Goh, Karwan Hamid Haraq.