Rising Slovakian Gen Z pop star Karin Ann has released her debut EP ‘lonely together’ today. Stream here.

Produced by Matt Schwartz (Yungblud, Massive Attack, Halsey) and Tomi Popovic, ‘lonely together’ is a haven for the outcasts, chock full of vulnerable dark pop bangers, charged by infectious hooks and illuminated by quirky electronic production and trap beats.

Opening statement ‘FUN’ is a tenacious queer pop dancefloor filler, melding into ‘i yearn for agony’ which channels Billie Eilish-esque attitude (also filtering through on the solemn call out against harassment on ‘baby boy’). Proving that she’s not boxed by genre, ‘midnight calls’ sees Karin toy with effortlessly cool alt R&B, as well as stripped back acoustics on ‘reflection’, where her ethereal vocals potently address the relationship she has with her body image. The EP also features the striking trap infused ‘sociopathic’ with Macca Wiles, released last month.

At just 19 years old Karin Ann is making a name for herself across the continent and beyond with a fierce approach to alternative pop music that’s both confrontational and vulnerable. Her thought-provoking music videos have amassed nearly 2 million views on YouTube, and her fans already include tastemakers such as The New York Times, MTV, Noctis, Wonderland and 1883.

What’s most admirable about Karin Ann is her powerful honesty and ability to tackle life’s toughest subjects at such a young age; shining a light on mental health issues and striving for equality in all forms. They’re topics she’s been dealing with her whole life, having grown up in conservative Slovakia “It’s been difficult to be me here. But I can always find comfort in music.” she explains.

“I don’t talk about things to make the world a brighter place, where you can escape from reality. I talk about reality, how it is, and how to get through it and how you’re not alone. This is real and it’s happening every day. I think people need that now, more than fake songs about pretty sunshine and rainbows. People are looking for real things and real issues, things they can relate to and not things they can escape through. I know that a lot of people are afraid to talk about a lot of things. You just have to be sure to take care of yourself and take a break and just stop for a minute.”

Karin Ann’s debut EP has been long in the works, having started writing it four years ago when she was 15.  “Up until now people only had a handful of singles to make an opinion of me. This is the first full project of mine and for me the whole EP tells a story. Some songs connect to each other and in others I’m talking about stuff I never thought I’d talk to the public about. I just hope that the people who’ve supported me this far will love this project, and will feel the story as much as I do.”

“I want to build a community. The more people that relate to it, the more people it can help and it can save, and the more strength they’ll have to be understood and not feel alone”

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