Established as a star for the Gen Z audience across central Europe, 20-year-old Karin Ann has also ignited wider international attention in recent months. Jack Saunders at Radio 1 supported her singles ‘looking at porn’ and ‘almost 20’, both of which featured on her current EP ‘side effects of being human’. With coverage ranging from tastemakers Wonderland to rock bible Kerrang!, the EP demonstrates Karin Ann’s huge pan-genre potential.

Now Karin Ann shares her brand new single ‘poison apple’, which is released ahead of major upcoming shows with Imagine Dragons and YUNGBLUD. Listen HERE.

‘poison apple’ finds Karin Ann once again subverting expectations and twisting genres into her own vision. Capturing the dynamic energy of her live performances, ‘poison apple’ places Karin Ann’s cooly understated topline and moody lyricism on a production which unites distorted alt-rock guitars with some alt-pop sonic flair. Lyrically it’s sinisterly seductive as she promises, “Just like a poison apple, I’ll take your breath away.”

Karin Ann wrote the song’s lyrics independently and collaborated on the music with Nikol Cassel. It was produced by Tomi Popovič and the Grammy-nominated Carmen Rizzo.

Karin says, “I was in a slump of writing the same lyrical concept over and over again and I needed to get out of that so I decided to write something off of a prompt. I looked through my drawings and chose the ‘poison apple’ drawing that ended up being the cover for the song. Both the drawing and the lyrics inspired by it reflect some personal experiences and my mental health at the time.”

After recently performing at The Great Escape and touring with Alfie Templeman, Karin Ann has a huge summer of international touring ahead of her. She will play three huge outdoor shows as guest to Imagine Dragons, hit the Czech Republic, Australia and New Zealand with YUNGBLUD. Her schedule also includes major festival dates at the Grape Festival and Superbloom.

She adds, “I’m super excited, grateful and honoured about the shows with Imagine Dragons and YUNGBLUD. They will both be a little bit of a full circle moment. I actually sang Imagine Dragons’ ‘Radioactive’ to get into singing class when I was around 14. I think it’s well known how much love I have for YUNGBLUD. I’ve always felt lots of love in the community he has built so it’s a very surreal thing to now be going on tour with him.”

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