Kasabian, one of the UK’s best and biggest bands, are set to play a massive headline show at Victoria Park in their Leicester hometown on Saturday July 6th. Without doubt, it will be one of the highlights of next year.


It’s been ten years since Kasabian last played Victoria Park and this forthcoming show will be even better with an explosive set list that takes in their remarkable career.

Kasabian released their #1 album ‘The Alchemist’s Euphoria’ last summer. A new album, ‘Happenings’, will be released next summer.

A fan pre-sale goes on sale from 9.30am on Thursday 7th December, and on general sale from 9.30am on Friday 8th December HERE. Fans pre-ordering the album via Kasabian’s website HERE will receive early access to UK tour tickets.
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Kasabian said: “We are truly honoured to be playing Victoria Park in our beloved hometown, with all our people for summer solstice two. We cannot wait to get out there and play the biggest party of the summer with you all. See you in the mosh pit.”

The departure of vocalist Tom Meighan in 2020 marked a significant change for the band. Despite the shift, Kasabian continued to evolve with Pizzorno taking on lead vocal duties.

The band’s early albums, such as their self-titled debut in 2004 and “Empire” in 2006, garnered success with hits like “Club Foot” and “Empire.” Kasabian’s sound is characterized by a fusion of rock, electronic, and psychedelic influences, contributing to their unique and dynamic musical identity. Their subsequent releases, including “West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum” (2009) and “48:13” (2014), showcased their continued innovation. Despite lineup changes, Kasabian remains a force in the contemporary music scene, adapting to new dynamics while maintaining their signature sound.

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