Following the recent release of his powerful debut single ‘All I See’, rising UK artist Kasien today returns with new track ‘Aimin’’, a fresh collaboration with long time associate Kelvin Krash. One of London’s most exciting young artists, Kasien’s sophomore release is described by the man himself as “the last song I made before going into lockdown and the first session me and Krash had done in London for a while. It brings that K2 energy we created with our EP. It’s made to feel like a burst of energy and to sound like a crazy drug trip. It basically talks about how I feel when I get overlooked sometimes. This one is for the underdogs that rarely get there, and are tired of playing the humble card. Guaranteed mosh pit starter!”

‘Aimin’’ is Kasien’s latest link up with Kelvin Krash following their 2019 collaborative EP, K2. Kasien recently appeared on None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Alive, the new mixtape from The Streets, following the release of his debut single ‘All I See’. Kasien’s debut EP, I FOUND PARADISE IN HELL, is due for release next month.

Kasien has a habit of always landing on his feet. The Londoner brings a chaotic energy to the rap world but, when life has been at its toughest, he has found the strength in music to carry on and make it out alive. Born in south London in the mid-nineties, Kasien doesn’t remember a time when music didn’t fill his household. “Music has always been a part of my life,” he says. “All day, all night, just tunes being played.”

Despite recalling his dad, DJ Swing of Choice FM and the Boogie Bunch, playing neo-soul classics from D’Angelo and Angie Stone, young Kasien rebelled and found his first love in the dark and moody world of nu-metal. Spiking his hair into a Mohican, Kasien lost himself in the mosh-pit ready sounds of Papa Roach and System of a Down. “I was that kid from a hip-hop family but I was inspired by heavy music,” he says recalling a childhood spent flicking between MTV Base and Kerrang. “My mum has home videos of me with my nails painted black.”

Listen to the new track ‘AIMIN”  HERE

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