Alt-pop darling Kat Saul is releasing her intoxicating new single, “Monsters.” Co-written by Kat, Alex Venegas, and Alex Koste, and produced by Max Weinik, “Monsters” sees Kat diving deep into her psyche and confronting the fears and unknowns of life.

“When you’re a little kid, you’re afraid of things like the Boogie Man, Dracula, and Zombies. To be real, I think I’m still afraid of Zombies, but in my experience, growing up shifts your fears. Now instead of vampires and aliens, it’s the fear of failure, mental health issues, broken relationships, childhood trauma, and all the other shit that goes in a messed-up-baggage-cocktail. All that to say, it turns out real life is way more terrifying than the dark. I wanted to write a song that brought that uneasiness to light because It’s a transition we don’t really talk about. I toyed with the idea for about a year before writing the concept because I wanted to make sure it felt real. And wow, with everything that’s happened in the world this year, those fears are more prominent than ever for everyone. I think we all wish we could go back to when our monsters lived under our beds.” 

Nashville-born, Los Angeles-based Kat Saul creates the kind of music that makes you want to dance, headbang and cry — sometimes all at once. The 22-year-old pop singer-songwriter has always thrived in her own paradox. She was a high school cheerleader who played guitar in a rock band; she listened to Top 40 radio hits and early aughts rock records; she blasted Katy Perry records in her babysitter’s car and attended pop-punk concerts at her local skate park.

Kat hopped on the scene last year with the release of her debut EP, …From Unit 408The five-track EP was a delightful introduction to Kat’s unique brand of unapologetic, left-of-center pop, and quickly amassed praise from tastemakers like We Found New Music, Atwood Magazine, and EUPHORIA. Her quickly rising star as both a songwriter and artist led to collaborations with industry heavyweights like John Rausch (Taylor Swift, P!nk) & Evren Göknar (The Killers, Snoop Dogg & John Lennon), and Prince Fox (Hailee Steinfeld, Quinn XCII) and gigs opening for RKCB and Great Good Fine OK.

Listen to “Monsters” on all streaming platforms today:

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