A mere handful of singles into her career and Kayla Grace is already inspiring comparisons with Olivia Rodrigo, Holly Humberstone, beabadoobee, Avril Lavigne and Gracie Abrams – not to mention appreciation from Matt Healy, sessions with Hugo Silvani of Pale Waves and Futurepop / Radio 1 support from Maia Beth and Mollie King. Now Kayla Grace will continue to reach new fans and add to her mounting acclaim  as she shares her new single ‘Pork Pies’. Listen HERE.
‘Pork Pies’ brims with the brash, no bullshit personality that we’ve come to expect from Kayla Grace. Accused of having a god complex by some boorish love interest, Kayla holds nothing back as she takes aim and sinks his bravado with quick-witted killer lines like, “Think your mouth is probably a laxative ‘cos you’re talking shit.” Her acerbic dismissal is matched by waves of barbed pop-punk melodies and jangly Britpop guitars, complete with a modern bedroom pop edge.

Kayla says, “It’s time for a fun song about a hypocritical fuck boy liar kinda person who brags about his sexual endeavours.”
Kayla Grace wrote ‘Pork Pies’ with Martin Luke Brown and the track’s producer Mack Jamieson.
We’ve already seen Kayla Grace emerge as a bold lyricist who is able to infuse her charisma into topics which range from the serious (the childhood scars of ‘Nobody Love Me’, the complicated relationship with her sister in ‘Realign’) to time-honoured rites-of-passage (the growing pains of ‘Bird In A Cage’, the caustic kiss-off of ‘Dumped’). They’re personal takes on stories which repeat themselves in varying ways among young people across the length and breadth of the country.

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