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Kendow – We Will Survive The Coronavirus review

Kendow – We Will Survive The Coronavirus review by George Kirby

Kendow and Vanessa Bartley rise out of the underground scene with a message of optimism regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Vocally, Vanessa Bartley displays almost tangible confidence. Furthermore, her tone is delightful, and although she stays relatively distant in the mix, her message still echoes out, leaving no dissonance.

Musically, the track is excitingly unique. It has a feel-good pop rhythm, but there is also a Caribean vibe popping out too for good measure. Furthermore, the bass grips us instantly; it is hard not to sway to its infectous cadence.

So, as with any track, there is always room for improvement, and on this one, I wish that Kendow had included a few more harmonies or backing ab libs in places. It feels as though something is missing within the vocal sections, mind you; I am presuming this is a lockdown recording with both Kendow and Vanessa being separate. Therefore I cannot complain too much.

Overall, ‘We Will Survive The Coronavirus’ are the words we all want to hear right about now. Also, with a COVID-19 vaccine on the way, we may just beat this awful virus. But, for now, we have this track to keep us going, and it is a musical experience which you will be coming back too, well not after covid, unless you want to think back to this crazy period, doubtful.

So, what is next for Kendow? We will have to wait and see, but I imagine it will be a completely different type of track to this. Nevertheless, only time will tell.

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