As he demonstrated with his recent single ‘Honey’, Kevin Davy White has the talent to take him to the biggest of stages. Possessing a gritty rock ‘n’ soul vocal with a flair for playing guitar that blends technical ability with the emotive feel of a seasoned bluesman, the rising artist can plug in his amp and blow away an audience in just a single song.
That’s something which Kevin Davy White again proves with today’s release of his brand new single ‘Thousand Stars’. Its core riff resounds with garage-rock immediacy with swampy blues and a punk-tinged energy before Kevin unleashes the song’s fierce, funk-fuelled attack. His voice is just as striking, one with the versatility to switch seemingly effortlessly from a ragged classic rock holler to smooth, smouldering soul. Written about the miracle of finding a life-affirming love, ‘Thousand Stars’ places Kevin Davy White as a new contender in the lineage of essential guitarists stretching from Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan to Lenny Kravitz and Gary Clark Jr.

Kevin says, “I am excited to share ‘Thousand Stars’. I love that it is very heavy. This song was written when I was in a rock band. I was inspired by a time in my friend’s life when we were drinking in bars. We arrived at this very cool bar in Paris, where my friend immediately locked his gaze on this stunning woman. It was almost like a scene from a film, with the lighting on the dance floor freezing for a few seconds on her. She shone brightly in the midst of the dark crowd. That night, I was playing with my niece’s guitar toy, and a rhythm was playing, which inspired me to write this song.”

‘Thousand Stars’ was entirely written, played, recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by Kevin. He previously shared a video of his multifaceted creative skills, which captured the process behind the making of ‘Honey’.
Kevin Davy White’s touring continues this summer, with the following UK shows already confirmed:
30th – Chepstow Racecourse (with Lionel Richie)
1st – Lytham Festival
11th – Deva Festival
20th – Weyfest

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