Kevin George makes a stunning return today with the reveal of brand new EP, THREE CAN PLAY, AT LOVE; a stellar return from an artist who has picked up widespread acclaim and millions of streams online. The EP arrives with a video for lead track When You’re Alone. Speaking on the release, Kevin George states:  

Recently, I’ve been released from my contract with Island Records. Signing with a major label so early on in my career was the worst decision I’ve made thus far. From releasing two EPs including my breakout hits “High Like This” & “She Don’t Love Me” under my mentor Chris Anokute’s Label, Young Forever, to signing with a big company like Universal all within the same year got the best of me. I let the pressures of a big investment take a toll on my creative and that was my biggest issue. I almost lost my innovative spirit, and started searching for fire in others other than within myself. It changed the way I created music and made me less confident in myself and my own ear. I felt as if I had to compete with my peers rather than sticking to my roots. I can go on and on about the pressure, but at the end of the day, it’s all up to me. What a learning experience it’s been though. I’m still alive, smarter & greater than I ever was. Constant evolution has always been the goal. Cheers to the most honest piece of work I’ve ever done. Back to the basics. Written and produced by me. Excited for what’s to come.


Look out for more from Kevin George soon. 

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