Kristin Lash & Jakob Grey release their debut album Sleepin’ With The Lights On out 7th July via Pavian Records.

Their debut will surely surprise you with their originality, mastered craft of writing songs that you want to hear again. The beauty and ease of presenting their music will definitely make you wonder why you haven’t heard of these artists yet.

Through passionate, soulful and emotive vocals, accompanied by vulnerable lyrics, bright harmonies, and massive pop hooks, they have made a name for themselves, making it impossible to ignore. Proving to be great talents, they won several prestigious music contests, supported legends like Dianne Reeves, Stanley Clarke, or Candy Dulfer in biggest Slovak festivals and they were awarded in Radio_Head Awards poll. After releasing two singles SKIES and I WISH under their native names Kristina Mihalova & Jakub Sedivy, they have received much support from tastemaker critics.

Album “Sleepin’ With The Lights On” paints such a sublime picture of where they are at in period of their relationship, diving headfirst into the depths of emotions and mutual understanding. Songs that aren’t afraid to be honest and raw reveal a story of two people magnetized together. This album is a great introduction to one of today`s soul most exciting voices. Dexterous real sound, which effortlessly showcases Kristin`s thrilling and incredibly distinctive vocal expression will leave you simultaneously vulnerable and comforted. And you want to hear it all again.

“It all started about 4 years ago in Prague when we found out that we really understand each other. Absolutely. Everything came spontaneously and we spent a lot of time together playing songs that we both love. But then we started to feel the need to create our music. And so came writing. Writing about everything we just felt and experienced. I think we are the types of people who think things through. In music, this is doubly true for us. We wouldn’t release anything that we wouldn’t be 100% satisfied with. The tracks from our debut Sleepin’ With The Lights On are our personal memoirs. And in every song, certain time spent together plays its role.” Kristina

Their musical versatility is also confirmed by the fact that they arranged and produced the whole album themselves. Their ability to deliver ingenuity to their expression sets them apart today’s music and fashion-style trends, lets them stand out, and makes them sound so special.

“We want to create music that touches everyone and brings a real emotion that is not limited by modern prejudices of today’s styles. People today don’t want to waste their time watching a bad movie, but often don’t realize that they’ve lost a much more time choosing the perfect movie. They are afraid of wasting time nowadays. Most artists just adapt to attract the listener’s attention immediately, otherwise, the children will just scroll them away. Spending time being creative and being patient allows us to perceive music in depth, and we are proud that thanks to this, our music also gets depth,” says Jakub

“Maybe you know that feeling when you`re coming home, and it’s lit up inside and someone is waiting for you to tell you how he loves you. If you don’t know this feeling, we’d love to send it to you through this album. Because nothing in this world is more important than love.” adds Kristina.



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