Following his work with Kanye West, co-writing and co-producing the track ‘God Is’ from his latest album ‘Jesus Is King’, Labrinth today announces the release of his highly anticipated new album, ‘Imagination & the Misfit Kid’ out 22nd November and latest instant-grat track, ‘Where The Wild Things’ out now through SYCO Music.

Stream ‘Where The Wild Things’ here:

It’s been a seven year wait and following some advice and encouragement from friends and collaborators. Labrinth knew what he had to do. It was indeed time to come back with his long-awaited second album.

“I’m here to make music, and a lot of it,” says Labrinth. “This album is the beginning of the madness. You might be sick of me after this, but I’m going in. It’s time.”

Labrinth’s ‘Imagination & the Misfit Kid’ is a set of songs as bold, brilliant and gravity-defying as its title. Recorded in New York’s Electric Lady, and London’s RAK and Air studios, the whole adventure is laced together by the story of a journey through art, commerce and, well, imagination.

The sonically rich blast of electronic soul and digital gospel on ‘Miracle’ kicks off a semi-autobiographical story of what happens when dreams meet business. The second single was the incredible ‘All For Us’ featuring Zendaya, which featured on HBO’s critically acclaimed teen drama EUPHORIA. Current single, ‘Something’s Got To Give’, meanwhile, is a sinuous, throbbing dance tune, charged with brass. Also on the project is previously released and synced ‘Mount Everest’ along with the latest instant grat track ‘Where The Wild Things’, which is edgy and soothing, minimalist and studded with unnerving guitar and heavy beats.

2019 has proved to be a monumental year for Labrinth. With the producers of HBO’s hit teen show EUPHORIA  tapping  the Brit to both score and provide tracks for their drama – marking his first-ever project as lead composer. The album had over 10 million streams in the first week and has amassed 25 million streams worldwide since it’s release in October. Beyoncé was another pivotal new collaborator – Labrinth worked with her on ‘Spirit’, co-writing and co-producing a cornerstone track on the soundtrack to the blockbuster Lion King.

Labrinth continues to add more incredible collaborations to his musical CV and has recently returned to the UK after working with Kanye West, co-writing and co-producing the track ‘God Is’ from his latest album ‘Jesus Is King’.

When the world hears the kaleidoscopically rich, sonically adventurous, vauntingly ambitious – not to mention tune-bursting – Imagination and the Misfit Kid, the world will realise it’s been worth the wait.

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