Following the release of  ‘Sausage Rolls for Everyone’ ft Ed Sheeran And Elton John on Friday, today LadBaby shared an acoustic version of the song, featuring The Food Bank Choir and a brand new video singing with volunteers and people with lived experience of foodbanks. The stripped back version is a powerful reminder of the reason behind the release. Both versions of the song have been released to benefit  The Trussell Trust, whose mission is to combat poverty and hunger in the UK. Watch the LadBaby & The Food Bank Choir here. Download the new version of the single here.

The video was shot in St Margaret’s the Queen Church, currently the home of Norwood and Brixton Food Bank. This foodbank is currently working hard to help feed the community and the demand has increased dramatically, in these unprecedented times. The foodbank usually gives out 40/50 parcels a day but numbers are rising and they expect to be handing out over 200 parcels a day over Christmas.  Across the year this food bank fed over 40,000 people.

Mark and Roxanne were keen to share the stories of people who have had to use food banks to help remove the stigma of using them. Also singing in the video is single mum Donna Kennedy and her 12 year-old son Ronan. Former nurse Donna suffered two mini strokes and found herself in difficulty after her illness meant she couldn’t work and she wasn’t eligible for sick pay. As a result, the mum-of-three was forced to use a food bank. The care she got touched her so deeply that she became a volunteer with the service.

Donna and Ronan stand side by side with Mark and Rox in the video. Donna said, “ The first  time I visited a food bank, I hung around outside for ages, gathering courage to go in. I was embarrassed to go in. I’d been the person providing for the family for so long. The local food bank changed my life as I had food in the cupboard and the children were being fed. “

Donna added, “It was such an honour to be asked to sing with Mark and Rox, I follow them on Facebook and TikTok – and their work with the Trussell Trust.  Mark and Rox are so passionate about what they do, it was a very emotional day we all cried. We have to do everything we can to get this track to number one.  So please if you have £1 download it, then do! Mark and Rox helped save me and my family. Please help them to help others ”

Mark and Roxanne said, “This version of the song really highlights the reason that we do this. It was a total humbling and emotional experience. What a privilege to meet and sing with such amazing people.  It was so special! We HAVE to do whatever it takes to build a future where all of us can afford to go to sleep with a full stomach. Please download the song. We need everyone’s help to make a positive difference!”

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