With the impending apocalypse on everyone’s minds in 2019, LE CYGNE NOIR, goes one further this September as he maps out his vision of the future with an exhilarating new concept album: ‘Shadow Of A Wrecking Ball’.

Spewing forth his paranoid delusions of the planet’s imminent destruction to a soundtrack of electrifying synth-skewered prog rock, ’Shadow of a Wrecking Ball’ is a wildly ambitious debut from an enigmatic and essential new solo artist.

Transporting the listener from a terrifying global zombie pandemic through to the catastrophic End of the World as we know it, Le Cygne Noir’s startling new album is a dystopian thrill-ride of epic proportion. Leaving Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds looking like a half-baked invasion by Alvin & The Chipmonks, ‘Shadow of a Wrecking Ball’ is at once mind-bendingly ludicrous, intelligently idiosyncratic and fearlessly bombastic. Muse, there is nowhere to hide…

Rippling with musical innovation and instrumental expertise, ‘Shadow of A Wrecking Ball’ sees Le Cygne Noir enlist a stellar who’s who of classic rock alumni of the highest order to help bring his madcap vision into its blazingly lucid focus. With appearances from Julianne Regan (founder and lead singer of All About Eve),  Wayne Hussey (The Mission), Neil Taylor (Tears for Fears, Robbie Williams), Corey Webb, (son of iconic songwriter JIMMY WEBB), Mike Kelly (The Mission), Simon Hinkler (The Mission, Pulp), Additional contributions come from the amazing Jo Nye (vocals) top session players Beth Porter and Caroline Dale (cello), Mark Gunstone (The Blunders), esteemed saxophonist Ben Waghorn, and Cal Campbell (Beck) on drumsson of country legend GLEN CAMPBELL; the record shimmers with a quality that only such experienced players can bring to the table.

Fittingly set for release on Friday the 13th of September, ‘Shadow of A Wrecking Ball’ will be released digitally by Cherry Red Records and physically (vinyl/CD) by Anger Management Records.

Available for pre order from 15th July from all good retailers on Vinyl, CD download and Streaming.

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