Lea Willms, the Manchester based singer, has announced the release of her debut single No.1 Rose-Glassed Fan released today.

Willms sets herself apart with a certain vulnerability reflected through her writing style. Her sound is influenced by pop and contemporary folk, with her mostly autobiographical lyrics remaining the focus through topics such as human connection and love.

No.1 Rose-Glassed Fan creates a dreamy atmosphere with delicate electric guitar and velvety vocals. Combined with catchy but ingenious lyrics it satisfyingly introduces her alternative-pop sound. She says;

“I wanted to paint the picture of a big city, but with a filter on it. Big cities can be too loud and overwhelming, there’s more going on than a person can take in. That’s how being in love can feel like too. No.1 Rose-Glassed Fan is about euphemising a person in your head, whilst losing sight of who you are.”

Since learning to play the guitar at the age of 14, Willms has been developing her style performing live in Germany, where she originates from, and Manchester. Growing up, her musical tastes were developed from listening to her parents Bob Dylan and The Beatles records, but she has since added the likes of Phoebe Bridgers, Julia Jacklin and Soccer Mommy to her influences.

Lea Willms will be announcing further music soon, in the meantime you can follow her on facebook here

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