Leeds based indie dream-pop artist LELO follows up his recent About a Journey release, which reached number 7 in the Official Vinyl Singles Chart, with a brand new single and video entitled STUCK. Released via the new Bradford based DIY record label The Boy Who Left Home to Learn Fear, the single and video are both available now.

Written after the passing of his Grandfather, LELO addresses the subject of coping with the grief of losing someone close. His vocal is fragile, often wavering and cracking with emotion. Set against an almost ceremonial backdrop of just synth strings and sparse electric guitar, this is darker territory for LELO and yet it remains true to his trademark dreamy, ethereal sound.

For the video, an invitation went out to various friends and acquaintances, each of which were asked a simple question: “If you could say something to a person you have lost, what would that be?”. Each participant is filmed in turn, writing their message and holding it up to the camera. The result is a thought provoking piece of film that leaves a lasting impression.

Speaking about the song, LELO says:

Stuck is a song that I had wanted to write for quite a while. It’s great to find inspiration for songs in things that are out of the ordinary but, sometimes, something happens to you and you just have to write about it for your own sake, no matter how many times it might have been done before.

I wrote the song six months after my Grandad had passed away. It was the first time I’d really experienced losing someone I was close with. It remains the most important song I have ever written.”

STUCK is available to buy on 7” turquoise vinyl here: https://learnfear.tmstor.es/

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