Lex Gibbon is always eager to share her own experiences through music, her instantly relatable songs and girl-next-door personality have attracted a growing following (100,000 across social media) as well as Radio 1 Future Pop airplay from Mollie King. While those stories are always immensely personal – from body confidence issues to social anxieties – her new single ‘Audacity’ is her most important topic to date. Listen HERE.

‘Audacity’ is unfortunately a story that will be familiar to women of all ages and backgrounds: an ordinary train journey on a Wednesday night in which Lex is accosted and followed by a random man. Not only are his advances intimidating and unwanted, but he has the audacity to persist even when Lex makes it clear how uncomfortable the situation is. The single and her vocals – with precisely delivered lyrics set to sparse instrumentation – reflects the vulnerability she felt in the moment.

Lex later discovered that the Text 61016 service exists. An initiative run by British Transport Police, Text 61016 provides a discreet method to report any behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable or to report an incident that you may witness. Always dial 999 in an emergency. More information on Text 61016 is available here: https://www.btp.police.uk/police-forces/british-transport-police/areas/campaigns/61016-text-service/

Lex Gibbon said: “I was followed through an underground train station by a man who made me feel extremely unsafe, scared and vulnerable. At the time I had no idea that text 61016 existed. I believe it’s really important to help women feel safer on public transport, so when I wrote ‘Audacity’ about my experience I felt it could really raise awareness for the initiative. I’ve now reported and spent a day with British Transport Police, and I’ve seen how seriously they take sexual harassment. If someone does this to me again, I’ll be texting it in. Please save 61016 in your phone and use it to report this sort of creepy behaviour.”

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