20-year old Kenyan-Norwegian rising artist Lil Halima releases her new EP ‘for the dark days’ via Universal Music / Def Jam Recordings Norway and Island Records UK.

‘for the dark days’ is a layered, synth-filled exploration into the loneliness and vulnerability that comes with living through the winter months without sunlight in North Norway, where Lil Halima hails from. With every track co-written by the young artist, the EP demonstrates her ability to create both a unique sound and aesthetic for herself, all deeply rooted from personal experience.

Opening the four track EP is a short, 37 second ‘Intro’, which sets the tone of the EP with building synths, disjointed vocals and piano. Following is single ‘Hold Me’, released earlier this year. The track was co-produced with George Moore (Clean Bandit, Kwabs) and described by Line of Best Fit as a ‘sweeping and deftly arranged slice of brooding pop, that combines themes of R&B, trip-hop and electronica’.

Alongside darker themes, ‘for the dark days’ also incorporates playful nods to the cosmic universe, with an almost extra-terrestrial sounding opening to third track ‘Fire Doves’. Final track on the EP is upbeat love song ‘Take Me To Your Planet’, filled with a danceable bassline and dreamy synths, all intertwined with Lil Halima’s melodies.

‘for the dark days’ is the first release of a two-part project by Lil Halima, with its counterpart titled ‘for the bright days’ to be released later this year. The two conceptual EPs aim to explore the duality of living through months without sunlight in the winter versus living in the summer without moonlight or darkness.

Lil Halima released her debut EP ‘love songs for bad lovers’ last year, which was recently announced as a nominee for the Nordic Music Prize Award. The seven track EP, all centred around the experiences of falling in love for the first time, contained singles ‘Train’ and ‘Jasmine’. Lil Halima was also recently announced as a nominee for the Norwegian Grammy Awards for ‘Best Urban Act’.

Listen to the EP HERE

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