Today hotly-tipped Kenyan-Norwegian artist Lil Halima releases the brand new video for single ‘Take Me To Your Planet’, taken from her ‘for the dark days’ EP out now. The video, directed by Lil Halima herself, reflects the playful love song with an array of extra-terrestrial sightings and encounters including a love affair with an alien, dance parties inside a lava lamp and more.

Of the video, Lil Halima says:

‘The idea of this video was to take the lyrics literally although the song is about real life love. I was thinking about years of long and boring winters in northern-Norway and the craving of something to happen. So for the video I wanted something extraordinary to happen in an ordinary setting. Also I just wanted to have fun. I directed it myself and had my friends in it. Shout out to Chris Helberg who filmed it and Citrus on production.’

Lil Halima’s sophomore EP ‘for the dark days’ was released last month via Universal Music / Def Jam Recordings Norway and Island Records UK. It features single ‘Hold Me’, which was co-produced by George Moore (Clean Bandit, Kwabs) and described by Line of Best Fit as a ‘sweeping and deftly arranged slice of brooding pop, that combines themes of R&B, trip-hop and electronica’.

‘for the dark days’ is a four-track conceptual EP, exploring life in the north of Norway during winter when there isn’t sunlight for months and the emotions that the darkness brings. It is the first release of a two-part project, with its counterpart EP ‘for the bright days’ due for release this summer. ‘for the bright days’ will serve as an exploration of the opposite side of the year – taking a look at life in the summertime with constant light.

Of the dual EP release, Lil Halima says:

‘Music is very subjective and for me it has always been very determined by season. Some people might love one and hate the other. But for me this is the dark and the bright days and the difference in the music I enjoy listening to during these times.’

Lil Halima released her debut EP ‘love songs for bad lovers’ in October 2018, which was shortlisted for the Nordic Music Prize Award and gained her the nomination for ‘Best Urban Act’ at the Norwegian Grammy Awards. The seven track EP, all centred around the experiences of falling in love for the first time, features singles ‘Train’ and ‘Jasmine’.

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