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Lime Cordiale release new single + video

“a ray of (Australian) sunlight we are all in need of right now – NOTION

With the imminent release of their second studio LP 14 Steps To A Better You on Friday 10 July via Chugg Music and London Cowboys, today Lime Cordiale reveal new single ‘Screw Loose’.  A gloriously sunny and buoyant track with a sludgy, ska-like vibe, ‘Screw Loose’ was written by brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach on a sleepless night in Los Angeles.

Possibly autobiographical, ‘Screw Loose’ was penned about an unruly and unpredictable character.   “We were laughing throughout the whole writing process,” says Oli of the track. “The great thing about working with our producer Dave Hammer is that he never says, ‘no’. Most of the time he just wants to take things further. The Kookaburra laugh at the end of the song has been there from the start and we always thought someone would try to convince us to take it out. It’s a pretty dominating sound and very Australian but it places the song in the environment that we want it to be in,” he adds.

The accompanying video directed features tripped out animation and follows the brothers on an adventure into the Australian wilderness in search of psychedelic relief. “It’s a great feeling to have such a hardworking and talented team behind you. Other than our band and producer, we have Jack Shepherd who has not only directed all of our recent music videos but has been a big part of the visual side of everything. Our mate Joe Brown did the animation for our Dirt Cheap music video. For Screw Loose, these guys have teamed up together to make a half filmed, half animated psychedelic and wacky video. We filmed the music video over 3 days on the other side of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. We wanted to video to feel like you’re going a bit insane yourself and these wackos did a great job of that,” says Oli of the video.

If their debut album Permanent Vacation was a permission slip to go your own way, 14 Steps To A Better You is a navigation device for those who got lost. Featuring a string of outstanding hook laden singles including ‘Dirt Cheap’, ‘Money’, ‘Robbery’, ‘Inappropriate Behaviour’, ‘Addicted To The Sunshine’ and ‘On Our Own’, the album title is a parody of self-help books and its songs represent “lessons” on how to be your best self.  Packed with incisive commentary about their mates, lovers and the world at large it represents how far they’ve come, both sonically and personally. With over 100 million streams combined and high rotation playlisting on triple j and a staggering four songs under 40 in the Hottest 100 of 2019, 14 Steps To A Better You is set to be one of the year’s most beloved albums.

Over the last 18 months the band have gained huge international momentum culminating in signing a co-management deal with Sydney-based Chugg Music headed up by Andrew Stone and multi-platinum selling global megastar Post Malone and his manager Dre London. Their wildly enthusiastic following which has seen them storm headline shows and festival sets back and forth across the globe touring constantly and country Lime Cordiale played more than 100 shows selling out shows (just under 50 thousand tickets sold) and earning a reputation for one of the most talked about live shows in the country.