Pop-violinist Lindsey Stirling announces her new album, Duality, a visionary meditation on inner wisdom, personal strength, and the ever-shifting nature of identity, out June 14th via Concord Records.

Listen to “Eye of the Untold Her” here

In tandem with the album announcement, Lindsey also released “Eye Of The Untold Her,” a whimsical track that brings the listener on a magical adventure, and traverses the idea of following intuition, instead of fear.

Produced by her frequent collaborator Mako (a musician/songwriter/producer whose credits include co-producing many top-selling releases from video-game giant Riot Games) and co-written with Steve Mazzaro (a composer who’s worked closely with the legendary Hans Zimmer to arrange and produce the music for the Oscar winner’s world tours), “Eye Of The Untold Her” offers up a glorious epic both mystical in its undercurrent and visceral in impact. Opening on a spellbinding arrangement of fluttering piano and soulful violin, the whimsical track soon escalates to a pulse-pounding frenzy—then bursts into its explosive and wildly cathartic chorus.

“If only we could all see our full potential; what we could become. I think we would amaze ourselves. However we let disappointment, momentary failure, and the opinions of others discourage us. Beyond what our minds can comprehend and what outside sources tell us, we all have an inner eye that can tell us where our truest course lies. Listening to that will help us find our richest life,” Lindsey says about the track.

In a mesmerizing display of visual artistry, Lindsey’s “Eye of the Untold Her” music video serves as a captivating journey through the kaleidoscope of her evolving personas and distinctive looks over the years. Set against a backdrop of shifting landscapes and ethereal settings, the camera gracefully navigates through a series of scenes, each encapsulating a different facet of Stirling’s multifaceted identity. From America’s Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars (she dances with show partner Mark Ballas), to an enchanting forest nymph and futuristic cyberpunk, every frame is a testament to her boundless creativity.

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