Linkin Park Hybrid Theory

On October 24, 2000, an album dropped that heralded a new era in rock music. The band was Linkin Park and the album was “Hybrid Theory”. It was an album that not only changed the lives of the members of the band forever but also changed the lives of many millions of teenagers across the globe. Mixing metal with electronics with hip-hop with pop, “Hybrid Theory” was an album that turned the band into superstars overnight but also became the gateway for many pop fans into the world of rock.

Laced with Chester Bennington’s angsty, emotional lyrics, the album was epitomised by the hit single “One Step Closer”, a track which saw millions of fans screaming back “shut up when I’m talking to you!”. Whatever your spoken tongue or background, this track brought music fans together and, judging by how quickly the band went from packed-out clubs to arenas to festivals, more and more fans were discovering their soundtrack.

Twenty years has passed since its release and a lot has changed for Linkin Park most notably the tragic death of their iconic frontman Chester Bennington. However, on October 9, the band are dropping a mammoth anniversary boxset to celebrate the release of the groundbreaking album and earlier last week, the band held a press conference to discuss the album.

Featuring four members of the band, the band invited spent over ninety minutes looking back at that incredible period in their careers. Recalling how the mammoth boxset came together from ploughing through hours of footage of early gigs to digging around in boxes and boxes of flyers and photos and posters, DJ Joe Hahn admitted that the task of putting the material together was a time-consuming one but one that also saw them dig up long-forgotten items from their past.

Talking about how bands ranging from Metallica to Nine Inch Nails were inspiring them at the time, the band confessed they were still shocked when they meet other musicians who tell them how inspired they were by “Hybrid Theory”. Recalling their first trips to Europe, the Linkin Park Street Team and their first time hearing Chester Bennington, it was clear that this event, hosted Matt Pinfield, could have gone on for hours.

While the last few years for Linkin Park have been heartbreaking, hearing the band talk about their early years and “Hybrid Theory”, it’s clear there are plenty of unforgettable memories for the band. For their fans, “Hybrid Theory” was a life-changer and many of those fans will be picking up this boxset to celebrate the anniversary and look back at the day when the face of rock music changed forever.

You can find out more about the album here.

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