LINKIN PARK share “In The End (Demo)” as the final instant grat track from the anxiously awaited Hybrid Theory: 20th Anniversary Edition—arriving next Friday, October 9, 2020. Listen to “In The End (Demo)” HERE.

Fans may pre-order/pre-save Hybrid Theory: 20th Anniversary Edition HERE via Warner Records.

The band unearthed “In The End (Demo)” for the LPU Rarities disc of the Super Deluxe Box. This stripped-down version displays the genesis and evolution of one of LINKIN PARK’s most definitive and recognisable anthems. The original “In The End” notably peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US, marking their highest position on the chart. To date, it has gathered 832 million Spotify streams and 1.05 billion YouTube views. It stands out as “the most-played live song” by the band.

LINKIN PARK set the stage for the release of Hybrid Theory: 20th Anniversary Edition by revealing the long sought-after 1999 demo “She Couldn’t.” Within just a month, it has generated over 3 million total streams and counting. In addition to plugs from VarietyRolling StoneBillboard, and more, Kerrang! praised “She Couldn’t” as “brilliantly in line with the spirit that made Hybrid Theory so special, why it propelled Linkin Park into the rarefied atmosphere so quickly.

Paving the way for the album, Co-Founder Mike Shinoda also personally unboxed the Hybrid Theory: 20th Anniversary Edition Super Deluxe Box for fans in this video.

Regarding the breadth of the Box Set, Shinoda said, “The stuff people uncovered and discovered in attics and boxes of old pictures, I was blown away. I couldn’t believe we even had some of this stuff. We found hours of video footage we didn’t know existed. We found versions of demos no fan has ever heard. There’s a lot of really special stuff. It’s a massive set.”

In other big news, Hybrid Theory just exceeded yet another benchmark, receiving a 12-times platinum certification from the RIAA.

Plus, the band recently teamed up with SiriusXM to transform Turbo (ch. 41) into “Linkin Park Radio” with the stories behind the influential and top-selling album, as well as music spanning the band’s entire career, including demos, rarities, remixes, live tracks and solo music.  Listeners can expect to hear personal anecdotes from the band members and music from artists hand-picked by them.  Shinoda will guide listeners on Pandora through the band’s Hybrid Theory and break down each track with Pandora Stories: Linkin Park on ‘Hybrid Theory’ at 20.

HYBRID THEORY“the best-selling debut of the 21st century,” is centerpiece of this new collection, complete with never-before-heard demos from the time, rarities, B-sides, DVDs, 95+ minutes of never-before-seen footage, and other extras. In order to prepare this special edition, Linkin Park engaged longtime fans around the world to contribute and share art, photos, and memories from the band’s earliest days. The reissue will be available in multiple configurations, including a Super Deluxe Box, Vinyl Box Set, Deluxe CD, and Digital. This notably stands out as the first-ever Hybrid Theory box set.

The Limited Edition Super Deluxe Box consists of five CDs—the original Hybrid Theory, double-platinum accompanying remix record Reanimation, B-Side Rarities with 12 previously-released tracks from the album era, LPU Rarities with 18 tracks only circulated through the Linkin Park Underground (LPU) fan club, and Forgotten Demos with 12 unreleased tracks, including “She Couldn’t.”

Additionally, the Super Deluxe Box boasts three DVDS, including a direct replica of the original FRAT PARTY AT THE PANKAKE FESTIVALPROJEKT REVOLUTION 2002 capturing one hour of unseen live footage from Las Vegas and San Diego (plus the 45-minute sequel to FRAT PARTY AT THE PANKAKE FESTIVAL entitled The Sequel To The Worst Name We’ve Ever Come Up With comprised of previously unavailable backstage footage and interviews), and another LIVE DVD with full concerts from The Fillmore 2001 in San Francisco and Rock AM Ring 2001 in Germany. Plus, it includes three vinyl LPS: the original Hybrid Theory (1 LP), Reanimation (2 LP), and available for the first-time on vinyl the Hybrid Theory EP—a six-track LP with etching on side 2. In addition to the original street team 2-track Cassette, fans also receive a stunning 80-page illustrated book with contributions from band members and unseen photographs as well as a replica tour laminate and oversized poster of late vocalist Chester Bennington. Additionally, band members Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn and original Hybrid Theory art director and reissue art director Frank Maddocks supplied three lithographs of new art to the Super Deluxe Box.

The Hybrid Theory Vinyl Box Set comprises the original Hybrid Theory (1 LP) and Reanimation (2 LP) as well as the B-Side Rarities (1 LP). This will be the only format to include a vinyl of B-Side Rarities. Pre-Order LINK. The Deluxe CD showcases the original Hybrid Theory and B-Side Rarities with a 16-page booklet. Pre-Order LINK

Experience Hybrid Theory like never before in 2020.

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