Go all in, go hard, no regrets. Rinse and repeat. It’s kind of been a motto of the band Lit for a very long time. It doesn’t always end well but it sure keeps it interesting and is the theme behind the band’s latest single, Do It Again HERE.

Speaking of the track, Do It Again, Lit said “it’s about a dysfunctional relationship that you just can’t seem to say no to, because you like to see how crazy things might get. Could be a person, could be a substance, either way you kind of look forward to watching the wheels fly off the cart.”

Do It Again follows Lit’s current radio single, Mouth Shut HERE. Whether you posted something that didn’t go over well, or you accidentally sent a text to the wrong person, we all have had foot in mouth disease at some point. Sometimes you wish you would have just kept it to yourself is the impetus for Mouth Shut. You can watch the Mouth Shut lyric video HERE. Both tracks are off their long-awaited seventh studio album, Tastes Like Gold due 17th June 2022 Via Round Hill Records which you can pre-order HERE.

Lead guitarist Jeremy Popoff says, “We wanted to get back to the old school Lit sound with a modern day approach to the production.  It took a minute to get our heads in the right place, especially with all of the craziness going on in the world.  We started writing and making demos with Carlo Colasacco and YOUTHYEAR and we knew we had tapped into the vibe we were looking for. Tastes Like Gold is the album we wanted to make.” Tastes Like Gold, produced by Carlo Colasacco, YOUTHYEAR & Lit features No Doubt’s Adrian Young, Butch Walker and American Authors.

Do It Again, Mouth Shut and the autobiographical Kicked Off The Plane HERE follow Yeah Yeah Yeah – HERE  (live performance video HERE & official video HERE) which were the first single from Tastes Like Gold.

Lit’s US tour is in full swing with a special upcoming hometown show in Anaheim, CA at House of Blues on 17th June. Additional dates throughout the summer and fall are currently being added to the schedule including a show at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI on July 2. All dates are on sale now HERE.

In addition, Lit’s four part documentary style podcast about their iconic song, MY OWN WORST ENEMY that was produced for Round Hill Music by Osiris Media is available now. Listen to My Own Worst Enemy, The Podcast. Presented by Round Hill Music HERE.


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