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Liv Harland helps Homeless man

Liv Harland stops homeless man eating out of a bin

23-year-old busker Liv Harland was in the middle of a performance in Manchester city centre when she spotted the heartbreaking scene of a homeless man scavenging discarded food from a bin. She paused the song, and gave him some money which he promised to use to buy some fresh food. He thanked her and moved on, and Liv continued singing. Seconds later, there was another unexpected development when a man who had witnessed the moment gave her twice the amount back.

The moment was captured as Liv makes her living from busking and livestreaming direct to her fanbase on TikTok. After she posted the video yesterday evening, it rapidly went viral, accumulating 3 million views in just a few hours and has since reached 4.3 million views. It has received over 5000 comments, with many praising both Liv’s original act of kindness and the unknown man who rewarded her.

Liv says, “I don’t give to receive, but in this life, what goes around comes around. Capturing this video, sharing this heartfelt moment, reminds me exactly why I do it.”

Liv Harland, from York, has amassed a huge social media audience with her stunning voice, leading to 1.3 million followers and 23.6 million likes on TikTok. Her unconventional rise is the result of simply singing on the streets, the strength of her vocal and numerous uplifting moments with passers by capturing the imagination of her followers.

She started busking just four years ago while employed as a  full-time childcare worker. As her following flourished, she was able to quit her job and make a living entirely from busking and livestreaming. She has posted the self-written song ‘What A Lie’ and a cover of Dani & Lizzy’s ‘Dancing In The Sky’ on Spotify, and is now working on original material which will be released in 2022.