Following the success of their No 1 album ‘C’Est La Vie’, get your baggy trousers ready as Live After Racing are thrilled to announce MADNESS are to perform at Newcastle Racecourse on Friday 28th June 2024!

Read the headlines and it’s hard not to conclude that the world has gone mad. Mad enough, in fact, to give North London’s finest twelve-legged quorum of Nutty Boys a run for their money. According to keyboard-wrangler Mike ‘Barso’ Barson, the title track to Madness’s lucky thirteenth full-length C’Est La Vie is “about these crazy times we’re living in, and how I just want to stay on my boat and not be a part of all this madness. But of course, I’m a member of a group called Madness. Perhaps we should have called ourselves ‘Sanity’…”

If this latest opus is any indication, when the going gets mad, the Mad only get sharper, wilder and more succinct. C’Est La Vie combines the widescreen ambition of masterpieces like The Liberty Of Norton Folgate and The Rise & Fall and the all-killer-no-filler tune factory instincts of classics like Absolutely, 7 and Can’t Touch Us Now. It’s a 14-song suite packed with lunatic hooks and neon choruses, eerie space-ska and sophisticated pop genius – a giddy gambol across a bouncy castle soundscape that finds time for moments of righteous anger, powerful empathy and the kind of plain-spoken wisdom that’s always operated beneath the group’s nutty veneer. Vintage Madness, in other words.

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Live After Racing is also delighted to announce that Hacienda Classical, the widely acclaimed live orchestral clubbing series featuring DJ Graeme Park and Manchester Camerata Orchestra comes to Newcastle Racecourse ‘Live After Racing’ on Saturday 29th June 2024.

With a live DJ soundtrack from Graeme Park allied to the full orchestra, additional musicians, vocalists and special guests in a fully live experience, Hacienda Classical brings arrangements of much loved, defining records within its wide repertoire of tracks.

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