BRIT-nominated South London singer/songwriter Lola Young shares her brand new single, ‘Don’t Hate Me’.

‘Don’t Hate Me’ is built around gritty basslines and percussion, along with Mike Skinner-style spoken word analogies referring to the realising of a person’s true character. Lola’s new single gained popularity on TikTok before its official release, which caught the attention of supermodel Bella Hadid and beauty mogul & influencer Kylie Jenner who both jumped on the heat and used the ‘Don’t Hate Me’ sound in their recent clips.  


With her forthcoming project set for release on 26th May, My Mind Wanders And Sometimes Leaves Completely marks a new era for the 22-year-old singer/songwriter. Armed with a distinct London edge to her music, Lola has fully stepped out of her comfort zone, testing her writing ability to confront new topics while mining new depths of her creativity. With her superb vocal that switches between soft and strong at a moment’s notice, the young South Londoner uses a folk storytelling and diaristic style to offer the listener a front seat to immersive snapshots of her life. 

My Mind Wanders And Sometimes Leaves Completely, which includes previous offerings, ‘Annabel’s House’ and ‘Stream of Consciousness’, deals with themes such as love bombing, gaslighting, body image and depression, among others; it’s a relatable listen for any young person growing up today. When speaking about her upcoming project, Lola says, “It’s my journey towards being a woman and figuring out who I am,”

With a coveted BRIT ‘Rising Star’ nomination and a BBC Sound Poll shortlist inclusion already under her belt, Lola Young’s undeniable creative output and talent hasn’t gone unnoticed. An alumni of The BRIT School, Lola appeared on festival stages across the UK and Europe last summer, performing at Glastonbury, Bestival, The Great Escape and All Points East, to name a few. 

Showcasing a fresh perspective on her artistry with this release, Lola’s new single gives listeners a taste of what’s to come from My Mind Wanders And Sometimes Leaves Completely

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