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Los Saints Release New Song & Video ‘IDK’

Chula Vista indie/alt rock trio Los Saints have released a new single titled “IDK.”

Chula Vista indie/alt rock trio Los Saints have released a new single titled “IDK.”

The track was recorded in Los Angeles by Keith Cooper of Dear Boy and follows the band’s previous single “Foound You Somewhere”.  The band plan to release their debut EP in May.

Says Mariscal: “IDK is my attempt to document what it’s like for someone with social anxiety to enter a relationship for the very first time and the trouble this can cause, from my experience of course. The chaos is real!”

Info on Los Saints: 

They had just announced their band online one month before the pandemic was announced. So we became super focused on pushing out entertaining content online, making visuals and graphics to accompany our music, such as the “Let It Out” music video and we had just started talking to our now official manager, Jonathan Garrett! I also think the initial lockdown really gave us a chance to self-evaluate, kind feel each other out as band members and discover who I and we wanted to be as Los Saints.

During the initial pandemic on and off lockdown years, we didn’t have anything huge planned that got foiled by the pandemic. We just kept doing our thing and released a couple Spotify singles, but hadn’t really made a statement with those singles, as in stomping our feet on the ground to say “We are Los Saints” type of statement you know? So in early 2021, when talk began of venues re-opening, so did our talk of making an ep. As a result, after venues began opening up in April of 2021, we recorded our ep in May of 2021 and began playing shows after that.

Recently, we been preparing the release of our new music for 2022 by making things like sweatshirts, beanies because beanies are cool and it’s been way too cold these days!