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‘Lose Touch is the latest release from Remme

lose touch shows us another side of the 20-year olds musical range and is accompanied by a beautiful piano

Dutch singer-songwriter, remme, has released his fantastic third single, Lose Touchout now. The track comes after his first foray into the music world with the January release of his debut single get older and his follow-up single hunger in May. Lose Touch shows us another side of the 20-year olds musical range and is accompanied by a beautiful piano, showcasing his raw, warm voice embedded in an arrangement of strings. Listen here.

“I always feel a lot of emotion when I sing ‘lose touch’ and the song makes me put everything on the line, I just close my eyes and lose control. I have the feeling I’m falling endlessly, she is driving me crazy and I want to scream out loud. ‘lose touch’ is about someone who pushes you over the edge”, remme says of the song. “You know you’ll have to let go at some point but you are not ready yet and the situation is totally spinning out of control”.  

Lose Touch is not just another piano ballad. Soft in some parts, loud and powerful in others, the depth of the lyrics – “I have rooms in my head that I cannot get into without you” – is amplified by the interplay of piano, violins, drums, bass and guitar creating an anthem-like atmosphere.

remme began writing the song two years ago in Berlin. Speaking of the writing process, he says, “the day we started to work on it we didn’t finish the song but the basic concept was there: I recorded a simple stripped-down demo and called it a day. I let the song rest for a while. In March 2019, I visited one of my dear friends and amazing songwriter, Gary Go (Rihanna, Skrillex) in London. I played him the song and he loved it – we finished it the same day”.

Get Older was the perfect start for remme‘s career as a musician: the song has amassed nearly 4 million streams, the official music video, the lyric video, the acoustic video and the circle session of the song have been viewed more than 290,000 times. The song also picked up fans around the world on the radio: as well as being played on the big Dutch stations 3FM and Radio 2, French national radio stations RTL2 and Chérie FM and got first played in Germany on 1Live and Puls. His second single hunger currently stands at 700,000 streams and received great editorial support from Spotify and Apple.

remme began writing music when he was 12 years old and has been working on his songs ever since, commuting between his hometown Eindhoven and Berlin, where the studio is located. His influences include Frank Ocean, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, but also Jeff Buckley and Justin Bieber. “Yes, it’s very eclectic, but maybe it’s a millennial thing, that we don’t set ourselves any limits in that way”. A skilled multi-instrumentalist from a young age, remme has been being tipped as one of the most exciting new artists of the year, but that alone is something of an understatement: there is an old soul in remme, filtering snapshots from the everyday chaos and transforming them into timeless, haunting songs.

He has already taken his first steps as a live performer, playing at the Eurosonic Festival and impressing as support for James Morrison in Amsterdam back in October 2019. New dates will follow soon.

We spoke with remme ahead of this release, you can see what he had to say here;