Earlier this year, LOVE SICK released two thematically linked EPs ‘SICK’ and ‘SICK II’ established the Scottish duo’s darkly decadent take on relationships as something different from the pack. A summer highlight came when they hit the BBC Introducing festival (“Their set was even better than I hope… they blew the roof off”) and the station’s support extended to them naming the standalone single ‘I Take It All Back’ as their Track of the Week. They also flourished during their biggest show to date, a Hyde Park set as guests to the iconic Duran Duran.

They now look towards the next chapter of their story as they share the new single ‘Sick of Love’. The song comes as they prepare to release the new mixtape ‘LOVE’ on November 18th, which is now available to pre-save HERE.

LOVE SICK have described ‘Sick of Love’ as their favourite song so far and it’s easy to see why. The duo have channelled their alt/electro style into an instantly arresting pop anthem, its bright, buoyant mood keeping the heartbreak at bay. While earlier songs saw LOVE SICK make their lovelorn experiences a talking point, ‘Sick of Love’ continues their cynical take on relationships with a fresh, empowering spin – if love inevitably turns bad, why bother to even try?

The single was entirely written and produced by LOVE SICK: musical partners and real life couple Julie Canning and Shaun Knox.

The song provides a teaser of what to expect from the upcoming ‘LOVE’ mixtape. It sees the duo broadening their influences with elements that recall Disclosure, Dua Lipa and SG Lewis. The majority of the songs were written in their spare bedroom at home in Glasgow, while the recent single ‘I Take It All Back’ was subsequently completed in Los Angeles.

LOVE SICK commented, “‘LOVE’ is a window into our relationship: the ups and downs, fights, good times and bad. Writing these songs together was like a form of couples therapy and we turned our arguments into pop songs. There’s a lot of breaking up going on, but we’re still together! The production is just the first vibes that came out sonically when we were writing them together, and we didn’t stray too much from those original demos. We’ve learned that if something feels goods just should just roll with it and have some fun, rather than sticking to our preconceptions of what we should sound like.”

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