Love Lines, the highly anticipated latest studio album from multi-platinum singer-songwriter LP, will be released 29th September via BMG. Following 2021’s captivating album Churches, Love Lines sees LP continue to capture the complexity of the human experience through their eyes. 

The album features twelve tracks that offer a deep and reflective look into LP’s life experiences, including their relationships with romantic partners, family, and self. Written during sessions held between the island of Grand Cayman and Palm Springs, LP worked with collaborators Ashton Irwin (5 Seconds of Summer), Andrew Berkeley Martin (Palaye Royale), and GRAMMY-nominated producer-songwriter Matthew Pauling to deliver a poignant and emotionally resonant work that showcases LP’s personal growth and self-discovery. Love Lines encapsulates LP’s unmistakable voice, honest storytelling, and unabashed rock and roll combined with heartfelt, unforgettable emotion.

“This is the essence of me and what I’ve spent my life doing and cultivating and trying to understand and figure out,” shares LP. “Even as a human, I feel like I just keep getting more and more dense, concentrated. I’m more me every fucking year. I’m like that coffee that you gotta add water to that’s like 15 times the strength.” 

Possessing both wit and introspective depth, LP sees songwriting as their life’s calling, likening it to the art of comedy. “It’s putting someone at ease, helping their mind let go and get them ready to receive these emotions. Then they can let the song speak to their soul in the way that they want.”  

Today, LP shares the first single “Golden,” a track that explores learning to appreciate the lessons that come from lost love. Alongside the track, LP premieres the music video directed by their long-time collaborator, Stephen Schofield (LP, Taylor Swift, Joshua Bassett), which features LP dancing around a classic Californian mid-century mansion to the track’s upbeat tempo reminiscing of their past relationships and memories alongside hyper-surreal golden models. Check out the video HERE.


    1. Golden
    2. Wild
    3. Dayglow
    4. Long Goodbye
    5. Love Lines
    6. Hola
    7. One Like You
    8. Love Song
    9. Big Time
    10. Blow
    11. Burn it Down
    12. Hold the Light

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