Acclaimed  singer/songwriter LP releases her new single, “One Last Time” via [PIAS]  Recordings through all major digital service providers (click here to listen and purchase). The third single from her highly anticipated album to be released later this year, “One Last Time” is accompanied by a new video co-starring actor/filmmaker/model Jaime King.

A passionate powerhouse, “One Last Time” pulls at the heartstrings while lifting the listener up to sing and dance along. It is both a reflection and a celebration, with poignant verses swelling to a joyous and anthemic, stadium-sized, sing-along chorus.

LP said, “‘One Last Time’ is about the fleeting nature of relationships, romantic or otherwise, and how every moment is precious. No matter how little or much we get of someone we find ourselves fantasizing about the past with them and the things we wished we’d said or done before our time together was through.”

LP wrote “One Last Time” in Athens, Greece, and San José del Cabo, México, with longtime collaborator Mike Del Rio (co-writer and producer). LP and Del Rio comprise two-thirds of the songwriting team responsible for LP’s 18-country No. 1 hit “Lost On You,” plus, LP’s two latest tracks. Also receiving co-writing credit on “One Last Time” is LP’s talented live guitar player Alex Feder. Additional track production was at Hotel Havana in Highland Park, L.A. which was also the setting for LP’s acoustic performance video for Coming Out Day (see here in Rolling Stone). The song was mixed by Manny Marroquin and mastered by multi-Grammy winner Emily Lazar.

Complementing the song is an enthralling new video, co-starring as LP’s lover, her friend Jaime King. Shot at the opulent and historic Paramour Estate in Los Angeles, the spellbinding clip marks the directorial debut Stephen “Norswrthy” Schofield, who is originally known for the work his photo duo LOWFIELD created with Halsey, Pharrell, Taylor Swift, and others. Says Schofield, “When the opportunity presented to shoot this video I had to say yes—not only because it involved all of my close friends, but also the song struck such a visual and visceral chord within me. The overarching theme echoes a fragility of life sentiment, and that in the blink of an eye everything can be taken away. Personally, one of the hardest things to swallow regarding tragedy is that in the end, life goes on. The party continues. The only thing that changes is that you—we—are all called at some point to leave that ‘party,’ regardless of if we are ready to go or not.”

LP explains, “The video for ‘One Last Time’ is trying to capture the inherent drama of the song, of course, where the days that you share with your love and your friends mean truly everything in the end. We never know who or what will take us away from those moments.”

LP’s previous two songs for her upcoming album include “The One That You Love” and “How Low Can You Go,” released in July and November of 2020, respectively. “The One That You Love” had its TV debut on Late Night With Seth Meyers (watch here; LP performs at 36:03), hit the Top 40 in France, and has amassed more than 14 million Spotify streams and 17 million video views on YouTube (see video here). “How Low Can You Go” (see video here) has exceeded 4 million views on YouTube, totaled more than 3.5 million streams on Spotify and hit the Top 3 of Triple-A radio’s most added songs in the U.S. and is also charting in the Top 10 on Canadian and Italian radio.

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