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Mackenzy MacKay release new single ‘F O’

Mackenzy’s debut EP, ‘Don’t Wait Up’ is out on 28th October.

Mackenzy Mackay, the latest British alt pop singer, today releases his third single ‘F O’. Listen to the single here:

The track combines a swaggering production with Mack’s trademark witty lyricism. A song that details finding a safe haven and escaping the toils of everyday life, it follows Mack’s previous two singles ‘I Can’t Undo’ and ‘Temperatures Rising’, delivering a varied sonic style with each release.

Mack says about the track: “F O is about escaping to somewhere towards the end of the year. Getting away from the stresses of life and following the sun. Although it’s defo getting chilly here in the UK, it was written whilst I was in New Zealand during winter, and November is when the weather starts to warm up again. Hence the line “few nights in November️”

With ease and sophistication, Mackenzy releases songs of depth, honesty and quality, bringing a new energy and meaning to the term ‘TikTok star’. With over 70k followers on the platform and 8k followers across Instagram and growing rapidly, Mack is steadily becoming a name to take note of. With comparisons to early Ed Sheeran with his sharp wit, and with notes of Loyle Carner, Dominic Fike and Post Malone, his music has already captivated a dedicated online audience. And this is only the beginning.

Mack’s full immersion into music came through an extended stay in New Zealand. Venturing out there in 2019 originally to travel and explore, he ended up staying for 23 months due to varying lockdown restrictions. This time in New Zealand allowed him to re-group, take inspiration from his surroundings and turn the demos he had been playing around with into something that feels authentically Mack.

His carefully crafted music displays his raw talent, dancing with a variety of sonic styles with every release. Already receiving praise from musical peers such as A1 X J1 and Stefflon Don and with more music on the horizon, Mack is ready to make his mark.

Mackenzy’s debut EP, ‘Don’t Wait Up’ is out on 28th October.