Drummer, producer, songwriter and bandleader Mackwood today releases brand new single ‘Habits’, LISTEN HERE featuring anaiis and Quinn Oulton, out now via 5dB Records. Having cut his teeth drumming and producing for some of the UK’s most exciting and forward thinking artists, including Col3trane, Nilufer Yanya, Jordan Rakei, Eliza and Blue Lab Beats, as well as creative collectives like Levitation Orchestra and The Silhouettes Project, ‘Habits’ follows recent single ‘Yella!’ in launching a new era with the London native now at the forefront.

Mackwood thrives in the spaces in between genres and this is beautifully illustrated by new single ‘Habits’. Having known both acclaimed French-Senegalese artist anaiis and South London based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Quinn Oulton for some time through mutual friends in the London music scene, their abilities to cross the jazz and alt-soul boundary with uniquely sincere writing and vocal delivery made them the perfect fit for the track’s ethereal sonic blend. Under their lush vocals Mackwood combines masterful live instrumentation with cutting edge production, blurring the line between the organic and synthetic until it’s no longer visible.

Speaking on ‘Habits’, Mackwood says: “This track has been a really beautiful chance to connect some of the sounds I love – classic jazz and fusion tones, Underworld-y rave sounds, and left field soul like Dijon and Noname. I wanted to hit on something tender but also really exhilarating, and Quinn and anaiis helped create a deeply intimate ASMR kinda quality. It’s the first release featuring my own band playing live, and the resulting production blends these delicate folky textures into a rave type of environment.”

One area where the UK is indisputably a world leader is cultural cross-pollination, and Mackwood, real name Harry Ling, is an excellent example of our collective genius flowering again. Inspired by the country’s rich electronic and soundsystem culture, Mackwood warps what we usually understand as jazz into thrilling new shapes and unpredictable forms.

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