MAGGIE CASSIDY have released a new band performance video for ‘Tell Me Why’, the opening track of their debut EP ‘Life Is Beautiful’, out now.

The track “is more or less us nailing our colours to the mast; punky, rocky, poppy, and something heavy in the mid-8 for you to get your teeth into. It sums up what we’re all about,” says guitarist Tom Macdonald-Grute.

The lyrics address the rise in self-harm among young people and is about asking those affected why they so desperately feel the need to escape, what they’re hiding from, with no judgement or stigma attached. “We want people to feel empowered to speak out or seek help; hopefully this song encourage someone to take those first small steps to recovery, which are often the most difficult,” says vocalist Jamie Coup.

The 5-track debut EP ‘Life Is Beautiful’ was recorded with Seb Barlow, who was made an official member of Neck Deep during the recording process. The rocked-up, dirty-pop songs that comprise ‘Life Is Beautiful’ were laid down in an old air raid bunker in Wrexham with the band admitting they shed blood, sweat and tears to make it but say they “laughed a hell of a lot in the studio too.”

Guitarist Jan-Erik Barnegren elaborates on the EP as a whole: “The world is a crazy, dark, demoralising place at times — just look at what’s happening now with the COVID-19 outbreak — but out of that comes incredible, inspiring things. So I guess it’s about finding the silver linings and seeing the world for what it is. No one’s life is perfect and life is a lot of things but it’s also beautiful, so try and embrace that and make the most of it.”

Formed in 2018, and named after an early, largely autobiographical, Jack Kerouac novel, Maggie Cassidy are an exciting, effervescent British rock act with a fresh, pop-fuelled edge, blending filthy guitars with irresistible choruses to deliver a rare concoction of boyband punk.

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