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Mahalia unveils new single ‘In The Club’

GRAMMY-nominated R&B star Mahalia has unveiled her brand new single, ‘In The Club’ 

GRAMMY-nominated R&B star Mahalia has unveiled her brand new single, ‘In The Club’ – available now globally, via Atlantic Records.


Following in the footsteps of previous releases ‘Letter To Ur Ex’ and ‘Whatever Simon Says’, on this new cut Mahalia digresses from topics of love and relationships to friendships; reminiscing on those old and new and particularly friends that are not distinctly good for you. Produced by JD Reid (Slow Thai, Skepta, Mabel) and written by Mahalia + Ben Hart, Mahalia states; “‘In the club’ is a song about letting go of people who are just plain and simply bad for you. I grew up in a small town in Leicester and most people didn’t believe that I could make it as an artist. I had a super small group of friends and a lot of people weren’t really ever interested in talking to me or being friends with me and mine… until I started doing well. I’d come home for Christmas and people would start acting like we’d been friends forever. They’d ask about London and my life as if we’d been close since kids. I always found that very bizarre. As a person who has never measured someone’s likability by their success, I always hated that type of behaviour and so wanted to write about it. It also applied to people I met later in life. Who only stuck around for the good bits and left for the bad.” 

Sampling the iconic noughties classic ‘In Da Club’ by 50 Cent, the single also arrives with an accompanying video; a one take shot in the back of a London cab which depicts Mahalia’s friends slowly getting out of the car, leaving a visual representation of the meaning behind the track and letting go of the inauthentic people around you.