Today, rising Irish singer-songwriter Cian Ducrot releases his debut EP ‘Make Believe’ via Darkroom/Interscope, Polydor UK. His honest, haunting and refreshing tunes have received critical acclaim and support from Jack Saunders and Mollie King on BBC Radio 1, meaning Cian has fast become a new artist to watch, cemented by his inclusion on Amazon Music’s ‘Artists To Watch 2022’ list. Deeply autobiographical, this EP is an open door to Cian’s world, captured through raw and melancholic pop. LISTEN TO ‘MAKE BELIEVE’ EP HERE

Speaking about the EP, Cian says ‘Making this EP was a very strange but amazing process for me as half of the songs were written before I even knew I was making an EP. It’s been years in the making and pulls from so many moments in my life. I have loved discovering new directions and new music and also rediscovering old songs and bringing them to life and, most of all, discovering myself and what matters to me. Most of the EP was made throughout lockdown and the pandemic so it was a lot of days and nights alone and of course on the other side of the planet away from my team at Darkroom & Interscope.”

He adds ‘These songs are so important to me in my life and they feel like little time capsules and diary entries of thoughts that I have every day. It’s a strange thing to have an idea or thought or emotion and to just make a song exactly with that feeling. It really is like a freeze frame of my brain at that exact moment. This EP has everything from the euphoria of falling In love to the dissonance of heartbreak and everything in between; from friendships, anxiety, the difficulties women face and the way men treat them from harassment to abuse. This EP is a small look into my brain and my life and the things that matter to me, but is also only just the beginning of what I’d like to do with my music and my voice as an artist.’

The EP’s latest single ‘Happier Without Me’ (co-written with Cate), which delves into the emotion of lost love, is also out now with a new music video. ‘Another heartbreaking song I wrote with Cate, this was written when we were living together during the pandemic and my 4/5 year relationship had just ended. I was sitting in my room writing about how I felt and Cate walked in to check on me and what I was doing and she then joined in and we wrote Happier Without Me. One of my favourite songs to perform!’ explained 24-year-old Ducrot.

‘Happier Without Me’ follows the powerfully emotional ‘Hello Gorgeous’; heartwarming love anthem ‘Make Believe’; break-up hymn ‘Chewing Gum’; poignant song about heart-wrenching breakup ‘Know Me Again’; tale of learning to put yourself first ‘Crocodiles’; and debut single ‘Not Usually Like This’, which has been streamed more than 4.3 million times on Spotify.

Tipped by Jack Saunders as one of three artists to watch in 2021 on Notion and as ‘a phenomenal songwriter’ on BBC Radio 1, Cian has also gathered support from the likes of CLASH (‘something to treasure’), 1883, The Independent, Official Charts, Pop Justice and MTV UK, and was labelled as ‘on the brink of great things’ by the Daily Star. Cian has also built a 650k-strong audience on TikTok and his irreverent, creative connection with fans across his social platforms continues to further solidify his position as a rising pop star in the direct vein of artists such as Lewis Capaldi and Lauv.

With live shows on the horizon, more than 28,1 million artist streams to date, his first EP released via Darkroom/Interscope Records, Polydor UK and a place on Amazon Music’s ‘Artists To Watch 2022’ list, Cian Ducrot continues to grow as an artist ahead of a much anticipated breakout year in 2022.

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