Life’s Gonna Kill You (If You Let It) is the debut release from Man-Made Sunshine, which is out now via RCA Records.

Man-Made Sunshine is the side project from Conor Mason (Nothing But Thieves), which was developed during lockdown, with Conor channelling his own self-discovery into a very personal musical project that blends elements of alt-indie, psych-pop and electronica into an experimental fresh new sound. He says:

“I started with the question of ‘Man-Made Sunshine’ – am I able to find it and make it myself, or is it made for me? The project is ultimately about inner growth – I headed into some heavy places to find healing from loss and focused on thoughts and feelings around death, grief of others and my old self.” 

Beautifully fragile and delicately melodic, Life’s Gonna Kill You (If You Let It) displays raw emotion through its powerful soul-inflected vocals and intimate avant-garde sound. Lyrically the song is about finding self-love and the survival to carry on. Conor says

“Ultimately this song is about survival and trying to find the strength to not give up. Survival from oneself, survival from the darkest, loneliest places you can reach in your mind.”

“The way I survived this was by the purest love and connection of a best friend suffering with the same condition. The ability to hold onto one another and keep each other afloat ultimately gave us both a valuable life lesson…that love can truly triumph over anything. As corny as it sounds, the feeling didn’t need an explanation. In turn this helped us to look into ourselves and slowly find the self-love we were lacking all along.”

This is just the brilliant beginning of Man-Made Sunshine, with more music announced soon.


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