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Master Peace releases ‘Party Never Ends’

“Party Never Ends (PNE)” the perfect tonic for those pandemic blues.

It’s fair to say 2020 hasn’t been the easiest year for rising pop star Master Peace, his jubilant new single “Party Never Ends (PNE)” the perfect tonic for those pandemic blues.

A tribute to one of those house parties that just seems to keep going and going, the 21-year-old artist’s latest single is built around bouncy guitars and an unforgettable hook that are both perfect for a 4AM sing-a-long. “This is that song that plays at the end of a party at uni and everybody sings the hook while hugging one another as the lights turn on,” Peace enthuses. “I know people can’t really go to parties right now, but hopefully this track takes them there mentally and can provide a bit of escapism.” 

Following the release of addictive feel-good singles “Night Time” and “Regular Feelings,” Master Peace is fast gaining a reputation as an artist who knows instinctively how to make people smile. His diverse style combines genres such as hip hop, indie, R&B and electro-pop, and just like those two previous singles, “Party Never Ends” is a tribute to the music that made Peace’s soul purr back when he was a student. 

“I love that feeling when you’re a teenager and that perfect up tempo song, with those loud drums, plays on the FIFA menu music. Or when you watch Skins and all the cast are dancing to this banger — those were the euphoric feelings I wanted to capture with Party Never Ends!” he explains of the song’s musical influences. “I might still be at the point in my career where I’m only playing small stages, but this song was about showing the world I am capable of making anthems that whole arenas can have a moment to.” 

He adds: “I wanted to make another sing-a-long track just like “Buck Me”. But that track was more cheeky and dark, so I guess you could say Party Never Ends is the more indie version.”

The music video for “Party Never Ends” shows Peace and a love interest dancing on top of a pile of clocks as the artist excitedly waving around his signature flowers like a kid armed with a new toy at Christmas. The energy is infectious and as the song starts to wind down, the guitars become more somber in tone, as the realisation that the best party ever is ending starts to kick in.  

“Party Never Ends” is the second single from Master Peace’s debut EP, Love Bites. The first single, “Regular Feelings”, was a feel-good reggae track, while 2019 single “Night Time” combined grime and electro-pop. The 21-year-old singer says being unpredictable is melded into his mission statement as an artist. “I don’t want anyone to ever be able to predict what comes next,” he concludes. “As a young black man, I want to make the kind of music that the industry typically wouldn’t expect from people who look like me. My whole thing is about ripping up conventions and making people feel great at the same time, and Party Never Ends is an extension of that.”