Maya Lane relesed her debut EP ‘Childish Games’ and it introduced her as a vital new talent in the UK folk-pop scene. Blending the pop appeal of Kacey Musgraves and Taylor Swift with the classic songwriting of Joni Mitchell, it established a first wave of tastemaker support for a young artist with a ‘70s soul and style. Next up for the London-based singer-songwriter is the new single ‘24F’, which represents her first new music since the release of the EP. Listen HERE. Watch the official video below.

‘24F’ adds a new layer of sophistication to Maya’s music with a song that delivers laidback summer vibes and simple beauty in equal measure. Maya’s vocals establish an air of nostalgia as she explores the moment of looking back upon a bad memory and realising that what once felt immensely important is now forever lost to the past.

Maya Lane says, “I wrote ‘24F’ about experiencing a moment or being in a place that takes you right back to a phase in your life that holds uncomfortable memories, but with hindsight you are able to look back and heal. When writing the song I wanted to use the plane analogy to represent looking at my past trauma and how once you zoom out and step away from the moment you can see it from a different perspective.”

The accompanying video for the song features footage that Maya Lane filmed (and subsequently edited with longtime director friend Melody Berkery) as she embarked upon her first ever writing trip to Nashville. From visiting iconic Music City destinations such as the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum to attending the renowned Song Suffragettes showcase and enjoying the local foodie scene, it was the journey of a lifetime – and one that Maya now has a special memento of with the ‘24F’ video.

She adds, “‘24F’ is such a personal song for me, opening up about my experiences with bullying and how it’s affected my self worth, so I wanted the video to also feel super personal. In February I went on a writing trip to Nashville, which has always been a dream of mine. As soon as I booked the trip I knew I wanted to document it and use the footage to create a video diary. It feels really special to be able to look back at my Nashville memories, paired with this song and see how far I’ve come and how proud younger me would be.”

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