Meg Lawrenson is driving female indie to a new realm. She has a confidence which no one can shake and her music fires like a bullet.

Taking no hostages from the get-go, ‘Use My Body’ starts in a potent style. It is loud, it thumps, and it slaps you around the cheeks like a wet fish. The guitar and rhythm make up the majority of the intro, and the sound it flourishes could get even the sternest of listeners tapping along.

Vocally, we hear Meg open up with integrity. She does not mince her words, and her witty storytelling is awe-inspiring. Cleverly put together, Meg sings about an encounter with a typical ‘jock’. Her body is not her only attribute, and she makes this clear within her nail-biting message.

The music grows and regularly evolves as the track progresses. It proves Meg’s versatility as an artist, and she hates to stay in one place. I relish this approach because it prevents us from listening to the same old type of track time and again. One minute, we are delving into an indie-pop space with plenty of indie likability, the next Meg has us hanging over a country barrel feeding us country pearls.

Overall, it is a track which I have been waiting for without knowing. It has all the qualities of a sturdy pop track but provides plenty of unique elements too. But, this artist needs to keep growing to cement her name deeper. From history, we have seen that hit tracks like this one are not always enough to keep the fire lit. Nevertheless, I am sure she has more up her sleeve.

So, what are you waiting for then? Delve into this new space for Meg by listening to ‘Use My Body’ below. Also, keep up to date with future releases from this up and coming artist by connecting with her on social media here.

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Review by George Kirby

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