Following the release of the joyful “Looking Backward”, today Melody’s Echo Chamber releases her majestic new single “Personal Message”, the second track to be taken from her forthcoming third studio album, Emotional Eternal – out 29th April via Domino.

As with “Looking Backward”, “Personal Message” was recorded with Reine Fiske of Swedish rock-band Dungen and Fredrik Swahn of indie-rock band The Amazing. Melody delivers a blissfully assured vocal performance alongside triumphant, soaring strings; it radiates warmth and charm. “I played violin with Gustav Esjtes of Dungen and Josefin Runsteen,” says Melody. “Josefin has transcended the string section to another dimension with her warm virtuosity.”
She continued: “I think the music revealed itself so naturally, we didn’t change much from the original material. The story is inspired by a place I lived by the sea in the south of France. When something disenchanting happened, I would take refuge near my house on the peninsula under the pines, a natural sanctuary where I sent wishes to the shore, I was soothed by its beauty. The song has this washed out wooden and salty vibe like a marine bird.”
Directed by David Corfield (BBC) of 422 South, the video for “Personal Message” beautifully captures “the natural sanctuary” that inspired Melody. “On the surface a forest can seem like a collection of individuals but below ground they are united,” Corfield said on the video. “A forest is a system that flourishes through sharing.”
Stream “Personal Message” here.
Emotional Eternal is a glorious consolidation of the lessons learned along the way, seen through the eyes of someone who has taken a step back, and who can see clearly as a result. A deeply human collection of songs full of prolonged moments of sonic transcendency, it’s a record rooted in adulthood, but one that still regards the world with a childlike wonder. It includes “Alma_The Voyage”, a beautiful paean to motherhood concluding with resounding violins and ebow; the sonically uplifting yet lyrically introspective “Looking Backward” and the ornate and catchy, “Where The Water Clears the Illusion.”

Listening to the album feels like coming across an abundant treasure chest; strap in and get ready to be transported to another heavenly, mediative and groove-filled world.

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