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Photo Danny Clifford.

Miel de Botton releases new single ‘Is It Enough?’

Miel proves that it is never too late to dream.

Inspirational singer-songwriter and philanthropist Miel de Botton returns in 2021 with the release of Is It Enough?. The single is the follow up to 2020’s The Immunity Song and is accompanied by a beautiful, emotive video which can be viewed below.  The track is available to stream/download on all digital platforms here.

Is It Enough?  was a part of her second album, 2019’s Surrender To The Feeling and it remained a favourite of Miel’s. During the recent global turmoil and pandemic, Miel felt the need to go back to the song, re-work it and release it as a single. Is It Enough? was written by Miel and Sam Swallow and produced by Andy Wright.

Describing the song, Miel added: “This song is about how to soothe the soul. So often we feel anxious, lost and insignificant in this huge world; we try to soothe such feelings by reaching for addictions and looking to be ever more ‘great, beautiful, famous or just wonderful’. These routes are found to be morally vacuous and unfulfilling. My experience is that only a search inwards, whether spiritual and/or psychological, can be fulfilling. That requires delving into the ‘dark’ that is the unconscious and developing knowledge of one’s inner voice to lead us to contentment. When Sam Swallow and I got together to write this song, it was very emotional because we realised we were very familiar with all these themes, whether applying to us or loved ones. It is one of my most poignant songs and I am very proud of it for its boldness in telling the truth. The video is no less poignant as you will see, with the lovely Steph Elstob playing my alter ego!”

Miel proves that it is never too late to dream. Having endured some difficult times in her personal life, and searching for fulfillment, the Swiss London-based mother of two, Oxford law graduate and clinical psychologist, took a giant step into the unknown and embarked on a new career following her #1 passion, music. She released her debut album Magnetic in 2015, her second Surrender To The Feeling in 2019, and has been touring worldwide; with standout performances at Camp Bestival and Carfest, sold out concerts in Crazy Coqs, The Pheasantry and Dean St Jazz Club and support tours with John Barrowman and Wet Wet Wet. Alongside music, Miel’s generous spirit and philanthropic work are a big part of her life. She has supported countless peace and community projects as well as the arts and the environment for many years.

Such life experience has of course nourished Miel’s songwriting. This particular song seeks to question our widespread behaviour when faced with the anxieties of existence. We strive ever further for significance at the expense of our health, reaching for addictive behaviours and substances to calm the pain. The song seeks to reassure that we can find peace and contentment in the stillness of self-exploration, the inner voice acting as a guide. As in the majority of her songs, Miel reaches out to her listeners to bring them with her on a journey towards increased mental, physical and spiritual health.