Miel de Botton has returned this September with the release of her brand-new, uplifting track “The Immunity Song”, out today. The release sees Miel launch her first piece of new music since her second album, Surrender To The Feeling, which came out in April 2019. “The Immunity Song” features Bahaman reggae star Roachie, and can be streamed and downloaded here.

“The Immunity Song” was written by Miel, Andy Wright (Simple Minds, Simply Red, The Eurythmics) and Sam Swallow, (The 1975, Lewis Capaldi) and produced by Wright and Swallow. Passionate about and inspired by the power of singing, dancing, nature and laughter to lift our spirits and lower our stress and anxiety, Miel crafted the song during our recent lockdown, wanting to give the listener a much-needed boost during these tough times.

Talking of the song, Miel adds:

“I wrote The Immunity song to bring positivity and joy into the situation of lockdown. It encourages us to affirm our strength and vitality, to protect ourselves and others and also to boost our immunity in several ways: singing, dancing, looking after nature and our loved ones, seeking out laughter, looking after body and mind, encouraging community health.

The reggae nature of the song was also chosen by me for its relaxing beat and mood boosting properties. Andy Wright wrote a fantastic melody to accompany the lyrics, with some beautiful flourishes by Sam Swallow. My friend and talented musician Roachie added his strong, sunny rap from the Bahamas! It was so lovely to have my band play and sing on the record, a real feeling of musician community, as if playing and singing together in one space even though everybody was in their individual homes. This in itself was uplifting.

I have been very happy to find my own mood uplifted by singing and dancing to this song! Other friends and family have also reported this! Enjoy!!”

Stream/download now from: https://slinky.to/MDBIS

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