Singer-songwriter Minnie Murphy has released a concept lyric video for her new track, “Get Over It,” which has seen momentous support from several prominent playlists, including Spotify’s “New Music Nashville” and “Fresh Finds,” CMT’s “The Round Up,” and playlists curated by The Next Women of Country, Country Pickinz, Worlds of Country, Young Entertainment Professionals, NY Country Swag, and more.

Created by Shaye Smith, the lyric video for “Get Over It” was premiered by Young Music City and can now be viewed here. Minnie shared her thoughts on the video, saying, “I’m so excited to share my lyric video for my song “Get Over It” with everyone! This amazing animated visual feast was created by the phenomenal hit songwriter and artist Shaye Smith. She is a wonderful talent and a beautiful person – I’m so grateful to know her. She created a fantastic, fun video highlighting the lyrics to the song I co-wrote with Don Bedell and Trafton Harvey, infusing color, humor, and heartbreak from a woman’s perspective. I know y’all will enjoy this video!”

Co-written by Minnie, Don Bedell, and Trafton Harvey and available HERE, “Get Over It” is a mid-tempo country track that tells the story of a narrator who is reeling from a recent heartbreak as she does her best to find a way of moving forward. The lyric video features animated imagery that captures the pain of a break up while also exuding a vintage vibe that aligns with Minnie’s classically country vocals and the song’s lonesome melody.

A seasoned songwriter, Minnie has worked as a staff writer at Evergreen for the past six years, where she wrote “Get Over It.” She spoke about the meaning of the song, saying, “I think everyone at one time or another has felt restless, lonely, impulsive, and self-destructive due to heartbreak. When we make choices that we know will only make things worse, we are just looking for that instant relief, and choosing to deal with the consequences later is very relatable to me. One of my favorite psychologists, Caroline Myss, said we all share the self-saboteur archetype. Sometimes, it takes a lot of wrestling with ourselves and repeating the same mistakes until we begin to discipline our dark sides. Country music has always bravely revealed real-life struggles in this way, and the beauty of it all to me is that once you hear the raw personal story as a song, someone else can relate, and the healing begins. It lets us know we’re not alone. Music helps to trivialize our dramas because if you can sing about it, you can ‘Get Over It.’

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